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The Importance of: Patience

The cliché saying, "Patience is a virtue", is more powerful than just 4 little words. Everything that I have pursued has taken patience. Sadly, I am a very impatient person which has hindered me in more ways than one. Slowly, I have been learning exactly why.

More recently, I have learned that patience is the key to almost every aspect of life. In my new realm as Miss Sophomore, I have many projects that I plan on getting done. I make the mistake of forgetting that in this world, we run on something called time. I often like to get things done right at the moment the thought occurs to me, #ProfessionalJumperoftheGun. I can begin a project due in February of 2018 while it is still July of 2017. Relationship wise I delve right into my feelings neglecting to think about timing. My feelings should not paint a vivid picture to my interest in the first 2 months. Which is why this discussion was sparked. For the first time ever, I experienced someone who had no problem telling me about myself and doing so unapologetically. Addressing why you have a problem is the first step to changing it. So I did some self- reflection and started asking myself:  Why? Why is it so hard for me to understand the concept of patience?

I came to the conclusion that I have a problem with accepting the fact that things are out of my control. So by getting it done in the moment, I believe that my control of the situation is so much greater than what it actually is. Of course this idea had not occurred to me because I had not allowed myself to think this far. I am glad that I challenged myself to think about what made me so impatient and how I could change this dangerous way of thinking. In my short 18 years of being a human being, I have failed at many things simply because I did not take the time to let things happen. I have got to take a different approach to things that I know I will have to wait for. This change will be very hard, but everything is a process.

Rushing what takes time to grow can ultimately block the success of what has already been planted. So if there is one thing that I have learned lately it is that good things take time. Especially when you are trying to blossom. I am currently practicing the subtle art of Patience.

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