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Milwaukee, you’re treating me well...bes

Milwaukee, WIsconsin

 May 20, 2019

Never in a thousand years would I have thought I'd be on a plane on my way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

This was stop #1 for my internship. spent four wonderful days here! The days were long because of my training but 100% worth it. 

Surprisingly, Wisconsin had a lot to offer and would totally be a place to visit again. 

If you don't know, Milwaukee is know as the "Cheese State" because of their mass production of cheese. No surprise that their cheese curds were the highlight of my trip. I'm not one to like cheese but cheese curds have become one of my guilty pleasures. 

One thing that did not like so much was the weather. I've been spoiled with the 90 degree weather in Atlanta and Texas. landed in Milwaukee and to my surprise it was 50 degrees in the middle of May!  was not prepared and had to get a few long sleeves from Urban Outfitters near Milwaukee University

Overall, Milwaukee was great and I'd advise any and everybody to go!

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