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North and South Carolina, USA

  August 8, 2018

So this was actually a really fun trip! I had never been to Carowinds but it turned out to be better than most theme parks that I had ever been to. It was better than Seaworld and Kings Island but could not even compare to Six Flags. Makahla was an amazing host and an ever better hypeman. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have gotten on half of the rides. Carowinds sits on the state lines of North and South Carolina. So in essence, I was in North and South Carolina at the same damn time!

Anyway! Let me break my top 3 rides at Carowinds:

#3 Fury 325: The worlds 5th longest roller coaster! This had to be my least favorite purely because of the fear it induced. It is 325ft high and reaches 95 MPH. If you're up for a ride of your life, then get on this 3-minute long monster.

#2 The Afterburn: This ride will have you go upside down 6 times! Sitting 113 ft high ride, it can reach up to 62 MPH.  I'm a fan of twist and turns so this one was a personal hit. 

#1 The Intimidator: At the top of my list was this 232 ft high ride! It was a heart racer. With a 74-degree drop, this ride goes 80 MPH. It has all of your favorite twists, turns and drops you'd ever want. Unlike most rollercoaster, I felt like The Intimidator compiled of all your favorite things in one ride.

If you ever make it out to Carowinds, make sure you ride these three roller coasters!



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