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Greetings from the great Capitol of Texa

Austin, Texas

  June 8, 2019

I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, which is about an hour and some minutes away from Austin. My family and I have visited Austin many times but this time was visiting in the eyes of a tourist. Along with my FOCUS Training family, went to 6th Street for the 1st time. Ironically enough,  am only 20 years old which means that clubs are an automatic no. BUT let me tell ya', was finessing trying to get us in a club.  tried channeling my inner "Grown woman" and walked the strip like  was about that life. Unfortunately, my efforts proved to be subpar and we did not get into a club until a promoter approached us and invited us in as apart of the "Club Promotion". Moral of the story: Walk with some confidence and eventually, you'll be offered something spectacular.

Not to mention, this mural has got to be one of the most beautiful murals that I've ever seen! It's so vibrant and makes for such an "Instagrammable" picture. 

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