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30 Degrees of History: THE Black Woman who owned her humor and took over SNL

Tiffany Haddish, a star in the latest movie "Girls Trip", the first African-American, comedian woman to host Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Born December 3, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, Haddish endured an upbringing that most would never imagine. Her mother suffered a traumatic experience leaving her and her siblings to the foster care system. Using her humor to cope with her situation. Haddish would later on realize how much making others laugh meant to her.

Building on her passion, Haddish would go on to star in the first season of the OWN Television Drama as Jackie in "If Loving You Is Wrong". She also starred in the NBC Sitcom "The Carmicheal Show" as Nekeisha Williams. Her most prominent role was in the movie "Girls Trip" as Keanu.

This would earn her a spot as a host for Saturday Night Live, which makes her the first African- American woman to take on that role!

Haddish received rave reviews from her opening monologue. Jokingly, she did not forget thank the audience and viewers for paying taxes from 1990-1999, because she says she wouldn't be where she is. At 37 years old, she finally accomplished something she dreamed of when she was in foster care. She has officially become a giant that many black girls will stand on the shoulders of.

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