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What I did in NYC for a day and a half

The good thing about being a Trainer for FOCUS Training is that when I'm done doing a job, I have time to experience the city. Aside from the AMAZING work we do, it is always a plus to be able to be a tourist for a little. I'm also going to to make a moment and brag on myself! For the first time, I traveled with only ONE backpack. For me that is a huge deal considering the fact that I am a professional over packer. I learned that you really only need your essential plus one or two outfits. Keeping everything to a minimum is KEY.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way here are a few things that I did on my day and a half trip in New York:

Sun Bathe in 14th Street Park

I won't go too deep into this because I will dedicate another blog post about my experience at 14th Street Park. Long story short, after walking around the Chelsea Market, I saw this cute little park. In this park sat a group full of topless women reading books. Of course me being the human I am I asked to join. The group happily invited me to sit with them. This made for a wonder day soaking up the sun. Huge shout out to Topless Pulp for letting me sunbathe with them!

Watch the Sun Set in Downtown Brooklyn

While on my trip, I stayed with my good friend, Yancey! Huge shoutout to him because he came out with me in the 90 degree weather and he hates going out if it's hot.

After a long day, he showed me his view of Brooklyn right from his balcony. This made for a beautiful view of the sunset. From the roof, you could see The Brooklyn Bridge, The Manhattan Bridge, The Manhattan Sky Line, The Statue of Liberty and Downtown Brooklyn. It was quite memorable and leaving his place actually made me a little sad.

Shop at Chelsea Market:

This cute, swanky market made for a short adventure. I wasn't looking to buy anything because I was traveling with only one backpack and there was absolutely NO way I'd be able to fit anything else in my bag. There were several times when I had to control myself, because I was so close to spending unnecessary money. Loaded with a variety of small shops and restaurants, Chelsea Market is the perfect place to spend a Sunday Afternoon.

Walk the NYC High Line

After sunbathing with the Topless Book Group, they took me on to the New York City High Line. You know I'm one to give a quick history lesson so: HERE WE GO!

Opening in 2009, the New York City High Line is a historic rail way. Located in the Westside on Manhattan, the railway was on the brink of being demolished until concerned neighborhood residents stepped in to conserve the railway. The City of New York then stepped in and began to revamp the rail way into a public park.

The beautiful railway offers a display of art, gorgeous greenery and unique designs. If you ever have time to walk to High Line, I highly suggest it! It's a very easy way to tour the city while experiencing beautiful scenery.

Swing in Central Park

The day was so long and I was exhausted. Lucky me! I found a swing in the park and decided to take some time to swing. Studies show that swinging can not only improve balance and coordination but can improve mood. I can assure you that these facts are true. After swinging for about 30 min, I felt like I could take a nap. Aside from the therapeutic effects of swinging in Central Park, being here gave me such good vibrations. Watching people ride their bikes, walk their dogs or even walking along side their partners filled me with joy.

Eat at Waffles and Dinges

Every time I come to NYC, I make time to stop and get a waffle from Waffles and Dinges. If you have a sweet tooth, then this is the place just for you. This Belgium Waffle company has many stands around NYC. I discovered this magical place with my cousin, Tianne, while visiting her on Christmas Break in 2018. Now it has become one of my absolute favorite places to go. If you are on a budget and trying to save money, then I'd suggest you NOT go here. One waffle with strawberries, Nutella and Whipped Cream cost me $10. Now, that is quite and expensive waffle but I can assure you that It is 100% worth it.

Listen to music in Washington Square Park

Another very relaxing part of my trip was listening to music in Washington Square park. Nothing gets better the that honestly. My cousin Tianne put me on to this park and ever since, I've been in love.

Visit Chinatown

Chinatown has got to be one of my favorite places in the world. As many of you know, I am in love with Asian Culture and Chinatown gives me my fix of Asia. I make this one of the places I visit every time I come to NYC just because I know I'm going to have a good time. One of my favorite places to go is "Kam Man". Located on Canal St., Kam Man offers a variety of foods. They even have roasted duck displayed in the window! Let me just say, they sell the BEST roasted duck that I've ever had. If you ever have time to stop here for lunch, I'd high suggest you do.

Visit Times Square

I was honestly hesitant about posting that I went here just because visiting Times Square is so cliché. I decided to post anyway because there is something about being in a place with so many people coming from so many different backgrounds. We all had one thing in common: We wanted to enjoy a historical landmark. The energy was so good and I ended up eating at my favorite place, Olive Garden!

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