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The Importance of: Blossoming

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

Since this is my first blog posting, I thought I would keep it simple, genuine, and transparent. This series entitled: "The Importance of" will highlight the significance of certain aspects of life.

Today, I will be speaking on: BLOSSOMING. When you think of the word blossom what comes to mind? Growth? Soil? Flowers? Planting? All of these are valid ways of thinking of the word.

I didn't really think much of this word until it was expressed to me in ways I had yet understand until now. In April of 2016 I  lost a pivotal figure in my life. My grandmother, had always been my go-to for any advice. She kept her advice frank and to the point. Her 58 years worth of wisdom was planted in me and began to help me grow into the person I am now. Ironically, her favorite flower was a hibiscus and is now drawn on my ribcage in black ink. Little did I know, this flower that I thought was solely in dedication for my grandmother actually opened up new aspects of my life that I didn't find out until I got to college. My freshman year of college was immensely eye opening and refreshing. I began to learn more about myself and the world around me. I felt my life take a 180 degree flip and help me flourish mentally and physically. This year of vast growth made me internalize what blossoming actually meant. Now, more than ever the word blossom holds so much gravity to me.

Still, the question stands: How does this connect to you? 

In every single aspect of your life you will blossom in some way, shape, or form. Whether it be your mental development or your physical development you will blossom. As you progress through life, one should shift the soil to plant seeds of passion. Those seeds will then begin to sprout and grow. Life will bring you seasons of prosperity and seasons of distress or a season of sunshine and a season of rain. There is a reason for everything and you will soon understand why by allowing your flower to blossom. Although, through my storm of losing my grandmother and a huge shift in my life due to college ; I gathered the small seeds of what my purpose is and am currently allowing those seeds to be fertilized to bloom into a field of hibiscuses.

Personally, I look forward to developing into the beautiful flower that I was destined to be. As will you, by following your passions, staying true to yourself, and moving with a purpose.

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